Sick and without papers?

Medinetz Mainz is a human rights initiative whose goal is to improve the situation for refugees and migrants who, because of legislation in Germany, are partly or completely denied access to medical assistance.

In our consulting hours we arrange appointments with physicians who are prepared to attend to refugees and migrants anonymously and for free or reduced rates. Consultations can furthermore be arranged for other times and places, if necessary.

We guarantee that the consultations will remain confidential regardless. No personal information is collected by our staff. This conversation will help us to decide which type of medical specialist would be best able to provide. The patient will then be transferred to a doctor who is cooperating with us. Translations can also be arranged if necessary.

An answering machine is being checked regulary.
Medinetz Mainz does not give any information to German authorities. The content of the conversation is strictly confidential.

Consultation: Monday 6.00 pm – 7.45 pm (except holidays and Rosenmontag)
Telephone: 0176-62033302